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Highlighting issues of non-consuming water meters in the non-household market. Project No Flow MOSL, Wave & Occutrace

Project No Flow, in collaboration with MOSL and Wave, investigates and scrutinises meters recording non-consumption. Helping to enhance the market’s understanding of the lifespan of meters and how important accurate readings are in terms of understanding water usage patterns and forecasting demands.

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How Occutrace determined DMA boundaries and eliminated leakage for a large water company

Occutrace were tasked by a large water company to
assist doing an in-depth site visit on selected
properties and buildings to determine district
metered area (DMA) boundaries and eliminate

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74% non-household long unread meters resolved for Business Stream

The client had previously commissioned several well-known meter reading companies to help them overcome these problems. All had failed to deliver results despite a number of attempts. Our team brought in a new approach to identify the LUMs that numerous cyclical readers were unable to find and delivered great quality results.

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54.6% of new business occupiers traced in Everflow known-to-be vacant properties

We were commissioned to research a sample of the client’s vacant business properties, having reported definitive answers as to whether properties were occupied, vacant, or demolished in 91.58% of Everflow’s cases. Smashing 54.6% of new occupiers are now on client’s books and paying their dues for the services they receive.

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Exploring the root causes of the long unreads.

Project Looking Glass MOSL & Occutrace

Aim: Provide MOSL with accurate data on the root causes of Long Undread Meters (LUMs) to establish a level of accuracy currently in the market. The goal is to help trading parties better understand why meters are not being read across the country and what they can do about it.

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Resolving long unread meters and legacy LUMs.

Based on performance between Apr 20 – Jul 22

The reasons behind long unread meters in the water industry are wide-ranging and often complex,with descriptions ranging from the vague to the incorrect. The key difference between Occutrace and other solutions lies in the combination of technology and people.

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Verifying gaps and voids for the water wholesalers

Gap sites and occupied ‘false’ voids can increase estimated leakage figures because they are not included in estimated consumption figures, whilst the volume of water entering the system is unaffected. The goal of this project was to identify, quantify and reduce the apparent loss of water attributable to gap sites and false voids for the large water wholesaler.