Desktop and Phone Tracing

How many occupiers are using your services without paying a penny? Our experienced in-house team are set to verify changes in business premises occupiers as well as clarify data accuracy for non-household properties all over the UK. We provide valuable updates so you can send accurate bills to the new customers.

We are experts in resolving key problems that water and other utility companies need to address 



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What’s the challenge?

With 1.2 million non-domestic water customers in England alone (Ofwat) there is huge potential to uncover unbilled revenue and even target competitor’s customers to entice them to switch. Around 30% of public water suppliers used in the UK are used by the non-household (NHH) customers such as businesses, schools, gyms, hospitals, hotels etc.

Adopting a data validation strategy and pursuing data accuracy becomes a crucial factor for water companies, especially retailers in a competitive non-household water marketplace.     

MOSL estimate a loss in resource valued at £6 million per annum in the water market that is simply poured down the drain as a result of managing inaccurate data. Data related to customer and premises details account for the largest proportion of this cost. 

In an industry beset by historically poor data issues as well as by frequent change of hands in the NHH properties, Occutrace is helping water suppliers to validate and obtain fine quality information about their vacants and business premises occupiers.

How does this work?

  • We perform remote trace work, combining diligent desk research with phone calls allowing for a higher accuracy rate – saving our customers money at every step of the process.
  • Transfer your customer data to us using our secure file transfer options and we’ll handle uploading your data via our bespoke software application. 
  • Our desktop tracing agents will then take it from there, checking that each and every record is correct. If it isn’t, they’ll set to work on updating the name and contact details of the business. We then release data back to clients via their own secure portal.
  • You will receive evidence packs for desktop tracing with extensive notes of who was called and how we got to our conclusion/outcome. 
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  • Increase your revenue. Accurate occupancy data allows you to track who occupies a property and for how long meaning you are billing the right client the right amount every time.
  • Quality of customer service and communications. Accurate customer data ensures the relationship between utility services supplier and customer is built on a positive foundation from the outset as there is no dispute over inaccurate billing.  
  • Accurate billing. Year after year, estimated billing proves to be a source of frustration for utility customers. We make it a thing of the past – ensuring that your customers receive an accurate bill only for the time that they are in the property.

  • Save money and resources. Avoid drawn out debt recovery battles (just how much did those lawyers’ letters set you back during the last financial year?). You can also save your team precious time that they can allocate to another tasks.

What our customers say about Occutrace

It is our ambition to deliver quality service and actionable results to the utility companies, national water retailers and wholesalers and MOSL. Hearing customer feedback about the team and the way we work together is invaluable.

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