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We enhance network reliability providing in-depth site investigations and reporting. We evidence and report on district meter areas boundaries and validate asset health. We investigate property/ meter/ mains connections and validate this through reporting. 

We are experts in resolving key problems that water and other utility companies need to address 



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What is the challenge?

The water wholesalers are being challenged to reduce leakage by at least 16% in the five-year period up to 2025. Three quarters of the companies are meeting their leakage targets whilst some have decreased leakage by over 10% in the past 24 months.

Water leakage is attributable to physical water losses and it is the main source of non-revenue water losses in water distribution systems. Large distribution networks cannot be managed efficiently without breaking them down into smaller network zones and subzones known as DMAs (District Meter Areas). This approach ensures more manageable areas or sectors into which the flow can be isolated and monitored to determine where leakage is present.

The key principle behind DMA management is the use of flow to determine the level of leakage within a defined area of the water network. Pressure management is considered the single most beneficial, important and cost effective leakage management activity.

Acting as an integrated part of the internal team, we help our customers to identify potential leakage and verify inaccurate consumptions. We also provide insights to allow accurate billing and understanding of verified and non-verified network connections.

How does it work?

  • DMA integrity.  We integrate with the customer’s internal teams to enhance their network reliability by providing in-depth site investigations and best-in-class reporting. This allows the customer to have confidence that all the water going into a specific area is accounted for and suitably billed. 
  • DMA proving.  We work with a customer’s infrastructure systems and internal teams to deliver in-depth site investigations and best-in-class reporting of meter/osv and hydrant asset health checks. This gives customers confidence in their network’s asset reliability, helping to identify potential leakage, unaccounted for water use and inaccurate consumptions.
  • DMA verification.  We collaborate with client’s internal/external teams and infrastructure systems to investigate, find, and prove water supply boundaries.  Comprehensive reporting gives customers insights to allow accurate billing and understanding of verified and unverified connections. 


  • Addressing and identifying water balance challenges within District Meter Area zones and their boundaries.
  • Providing actionable insights to support asset health, leakage, Unaccounted-For Water and consumption accuracy.
  • Evidence base and high-quality reporting for the customers.

What our customers say about Occutrace

It is our ambition to deliver quality service and actionable results to the utility companies, national water retailers and wholesalers and MOSL. Hearing customer feedback about the team and the way we work together is invaluable.

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