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As an accredited WIRSAE entity, we provide temporary disconnections and reconnections in the event of non-payment for non-household properties. We act on behalf of our client to create a hassle-free optimised solution to resolve outstanding debt from customers.

We are experts in resolving key problems that water and other utility companies need to address 



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What’s the challenge?

As meters age, the likelihood of failure becomes imminent and often occurs unexpectedly. Meters can become damaged and fail at unpredictable times causing problems in accurately recording consumption.  Currently, MOSL data shows that there are currently 11% of meters in the Non-Household (NHH) market are showing non-consumption.

Non-consuming meters can mean customers are not receiving their correct bills, potential leaks are not being identified and opportunities for water efficiency savings are being missed.

The MOSL Market Improvement Fund Project No Flow identified a significant percentage of non-consuming meters had been non-consuming for a prolonged period.  Long-term effects of non-consuming meters can produce estimated consumptions leading to inaccurate bills that can place financial burdens on customers and companies. Damaging the relationships and confidence customers have for water retailers and wholesalers.

Investigating potential non-consuming meters allows companies to take action with our irrefutable evidence packs to support raising the necessary forms and to exchange the non-consuming meters to begin accurately recording consumption.

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How does it work?

  • Combining a mix of modern technology and traditional field research to create a bespoke meter reading service to identify non-consuming meters.
  • Our UK field agents find and read the meters, then they update the location notes, the inch perfect GPS coordinates and high-resolution photographs. All of this is handled in real-time with our cloud-based app that can be accessed by the client at any time.
  • Gathering comprehensive evidence packs to support the submission of bilaterals to allow meter exchanges and begin recording accurate consumption.


  • Allow companies to raise bilaterals with an indisputable evidence pack to support the request for a meter exchange
  • Improved customer billing accuracy leading to better customer retention and greater propensity to pay.
  • Issues with the meter is promptly identified with potential leaks reported, giving a 360 insight into the site.
  • Increased scope of knowledge into the condition of your metering portfolio
  • Water efficiency saving opportunities registered for companies to efficiently manage consumption and be aware of unknown leakage.
  • Helps to avoid financial / performance penalties and improve compliance.
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What our customers say about Occutrace

It is our ambition to deliver quality service and actionable results to the utility companies, national water retailers and wholesalers and MOSL. Hearing customer feedback about the team and the way we work together is invaluable.

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