Temporary Disconnections and Reconnections for Non-Household Properties

As an accredited WIRSAE entity, we provide temporary disconnections and reconnections in the event of non-payment for non-household properties. We act on behalf of our client to create a hassle-free optimised solution to resolve outstanding debt from customers.

We are experts in resolving key problems that water and other utility companies need to address 



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What’s the challenge?

Over the past few years, water retailers have struggled with a rise in debt from non-households not paying their water bills. According to DEFRA, the level of bad debt in the water industry is approximately three times higher than that of the energy sector.

Chasing an outstanding bill for non-household water supply services can be a headache for any company. As an accredited WIRSAE provider operating nationally, Occutrace can take the required action and assist in resolving the issue of non-payment on your behalf.

As Economic Insight highlights a critical issue in the non-household water retail market: water retailers’ revenue is not enough to cover the unavoidable risk posed by debt. This problem requires a proactive solution. Bad debt doesn’t just impact the company, but the customers who are proficient in paying their bills.

Temporary Disconnections allows water retailers to be responsive, limit exposure, and reputational damage by the increasing levels of debt incurred from non-payment of bills.

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How does it work?

  • Being an accredited WIRSAE provider, our company is trusted to handle the temporary disconnection. We deliver the solution of temporary disconnections to resolve non-household outstanding water usage debt.
  • The aged debt list of your clients is securely transferred to us through custom-built data portal, Occutrace platforms allow self-serve progress monitoring.
  • Our Debt Specialist will ensure that the customers are given all necessary advice and provided with options to resolve the debt.
  • In the case of an unsuccessful outcome, our trained Field Technician will be sent to perform a designated temporary disconnection to the water supply.

  • Once the non-payment has been resolved or payment plan has been arranged, on instruction from our clients we will send our Field Technician back to the site to reconnect the water supply.


  • We help our clients to reduce loss of income and optimise their revenue by offering bespoke service that tailors to your needs.

  • We have boots on the ground to perform physical action of disconnection in case of unresolved attempts to receive payment.

  • Our dedicated accredited team will ensure that our clients are supported by following best practice in managing the process of temporary disconnections.
  • We take pressure off our clients by providing an efficient transparent solution for the sensitive matter of temporary disconnections. We ensure that this process runs smoothly and takes away reputational risks for the water provider.

  • Whether the desire is ‘direct to disconnection’ or to create ‘tailored multi-channel contact campaigns’, payment of the outstanding debt is the goal. We reduce your aged debt value and increase cash flow. Our in-house Debt Specialists are dedicated to getting the right outcome


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What our customers say about Occutrace

It is our ambition to deliver quality service and actionable results to the utility companies, national water retailers and wholesalers and MOSL. Hearing customer feedback about the team and the way we work together is invaluable.

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