Vacants with Consumption

Despite being recognised as vacant, many non-household properties may still have consumption, leading to significant financial and reputational impacts. Accurate data for these properties is therefore crucial for water companies.

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What’s the challenge?

Despite being officially recognised as vacant, many non-household properties may still record consumption that goes unnoticed by companies. This unnoticed consumption can have significant financial and reputational implications. Therefore, having accurate data for these properties is of paramount importance for water companies.

With 335,000 companies registered each and every year and 231,000 ceasing trading each year, it takes a lot of effort to keep up to date. Not only is it a holistic retailer measure, but it can also help detect issues such as leaks in properties that are supposed to be vacant. Early detection of leakage issues allows for timely repairs, preventing further wastage and potential damage.

Moreover, accurate data can help determine if a property is truly vacant or if it has been occupied without the water company’s knowledge. In cases where the property is indeed occupied, water companies can establish who the current occupants are and ensure they are billed correctly. Occutrace helps companies bill accurately, avoiding the risk of consumption going unnoticed until it generates a substantial bill.

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How does it work?

  • Occutrace provides a comprehensive solution combining desktop analysis and on-site fieldwork to supply our water retail customers with the irrefutable evidence needed to successfully onboard, bill, and retain new non-household customers.

  • Our UK field agents target specific postcodes and non-household properties to perform meter readings.

  • We collect extensive evidence, including updated location notes, precise GPS coordinates, and high-resolution photographs, all managed in real-time through our cloud-based app. That can be accessed at any time.

  • In case of any issues—whether customer-related or wholesale—you will be promptly informed, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


  • Irrefutable evidence to back up our conclusions. Our field agents on site will take up to three pictures per visit to not only confirm the meter read but give contextual images to confirm occupancy.

  • Ensure accurate billing. Say goodbye to the frustration of estimated billing. Utilising the power of accurate data so your customers receive accurate bills only for the time they occupy the property.


  • Save money and resources. Avoid drawn-out debt recovery battles and the associated legal costs

  • Enhance compliance and reputation. Eliminate the threat of regulatory fines and improve your standing in reputational comparisons with peers.

  • Improve wholesale settlement accuracy. Work with up-to-date, accurate data for better wholesale settlement accuracy.
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What our customers say about Occutrace

It is our ambition to deliver quality service and actionable results to the utility companies, national water retailers and wholesalers and MOSL. Hearing customer feedback about the team and the way we work together is invaluable.

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